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Molecular pharmacology: definitions

The identification of receptor subtypes has been revolutionised by the techniques of molecular biology, which have enabled the genes for many receptors to be identified and cloned. The glossary below explains the terms which describe this technology.


3 prime end (3') 5 prime end (5') Alternative RNA splicing
Annealing Anticoding DNA strand Anticodon
Antisense strand Base pair cDNA
cDNA Library Central dogma Clone
Cloning vector Coding DNA strand Codon 
Cosmid vector  Cos site  Denaturation 
Domain  DNA  DNase 
DNase 1  DNA ligase  DNA polymerase 1 
Dot blotting  Endonuclease  Exon 
Exonuclease  Expression  Expression Vector 
Genome  Genomic library  Hybridization 
Inducer  In situ hybridization  Intron 
Library  Ligation  mRNA 
Nick translation  Nonsense codons  Northern Blot 
Nuclease S1  Nucleotide  Oligonucleotide 
Oncogene  Operon  PCR 
Phage  Plasmid  Poly-A tail 
Primer  Probe  Promoter region 
Proto-oncogene  Recombinant DNA  Repressor 
Restriction enzyme  Restriction map  Retrovirus 
Reverse transcriptase  RNA  RNA polymerase 
RNase  RNA splicing  rRNA 
Sense Strand  Southern Blot  Split gene 
Transcription  Transduction  Transfection 
Translation  tRNA  Vector 
Western Blot 

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