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In vitro pharmacology: physiological salt solutions

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(amounts to be added to 10 litres of distilled water)

Constituent Frog
Krebs' Tyrode Ringer-
De Jalen Artificial
NaCl 65g 69g 80g 90g 90g 72.5g
KCl 1.4g 3.5g 2.0g 4.2g 4.2g 1.4g
MgSO(4).7H(2)O -- 2.9g 2.6g -- -- 4.9g
NaH(2)PO(4).2H(2)O 0.65g -- 0.65g -- -- --
KH(2)PO(4) -- 1.6g -- -- -- 1.75g
Glucose 20g 20g 10g 10g 5g 19.8g
NaHCO(3) 4g 21g 10g 5g 5g 21g
1.0M CaCl(2) 10.8ml 25.2ml* 18ml 10.8ml 2.7ml 2ml
Aerating Gas Air 95% O(2)
5% CO(2)
95% O(2)
5% CO(2)
air or
pure CO(2)
Pure O(2) 95% O(2)
5% CO(2)
95% O(2)
5% CO(2)

*It is increasingly common to use half of this amount of calcium, ie 1.25mM instead of 2.5mM.

**CSF = cerebrospinal fluid


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